Crystal.Money digital service user agreement

The relationship between the Crystal.Money digital service and the Client is governed by this User Agreement. By using the services of the Crystal.Money service and registering a personal account (Account), you by default accept the terms and conditions reflected in this document and in the Privacy Policy. If the client does not agree with the terms of the Crystal.Money service , then its use is not allowed.

I. Eligibility

  1. After reviewing the document, the Client confirms that he has reached the age of majority and carries out all actions in accordance with the law, accepts these Terms, so the administration does not prohibit the use of the Crystal.Money service .
  2. Customer acknowledges that it is not using the Crystal.Money resource on behalf of a legal entity.

II. Account Terms

  1. The Crystal.Money service is open for use solely for its own purposes. When registering a new account in our system, the Client voluntarily agrees to the transfer of his data as part of the online registration procedure. The user agrees that he does not use other people"s data to create an account and excludes attempts to obtain unauthorized access to other digital records on the Crystal.Money service.
  2. The Crystal.Money.service may suspend financial transactions and temporarily withhold the Client"s funds. This procedure is carried out to prevent hacker attacks and other illegal actions that cause reputational losses for the Crystal.Money service or the Client. The term is set in each case individually, depending on the duration of the financial and operational investigation and the clarification of details (facts) on financial transactions from the payment host or through another chain.
  3. Crystal.Money service management reserves the right to re-check the provided data and additionally request from the Client the required documentation, including information related to the direct transaction (passport data, bank card verification, current receipts and statements), regardless of the current reason . The client, in turn, must provide such information. In the event that the conditions are not met by an individual, the Crystal.Money service refuses to provide its services, and the deposited amount is returned to the specified details.
  4. The Client confirms that he is responsible for non-disclosure of confidential information (password, additional and basic protection, basic actions and transactions taking place under this Account). The user must understand that any failure to save important registration data opens the risk of unauthorized access by third parties, and this leads to the theft of currency and money from other accounts.
  5. The client, using this Crystal.Money service , confirms that he does not use it for criminal financial activities, illegal actions with funds or financing terrorist acts. It is worth remembering that the online system conducts its own monitoring of accounts. If during such checks it is revealed that the Account is suspicious or illegal transactions were carried out through it , the service temporarily suspends the Account, while blocking all outstanding financial transactions.
  6. The created Account is intended for personal use, and not for public use or open access to third parties. The Client is solely responsible for the manipulations and transfer of information to third parties who have gained access to the Account data.

III. Services provided by the site

  1. Services of the Crystal.Money service The Client orders by sending a digital Application through the online platform.
  2. After completing the digital Application, the Client instructs, and the Crystal.Money service , on behalf of the company and with your voluntary consent, conducts financial transactions with digital ( fiat ) currencies to the account of the other Party.
  3. The Crystal.Money service provides the Client with the opportunity to exchange digital currency at the moment (do not forget about the current exchange rate).
  4. The client, using the online services of the Crystal.Money service , personally confirms that he legally owns these funds and voluntarily participates in the transfer of digital currency.
  5. After crediting a certain amount from the Client in the amount reflected in the online application, for a certain period of time, the Crystal.Money service transfers the digital currency to bank details, unless unforeseen circumstances prevent this.
  6. the Crystal.Money service to transfer digital currency to the Client is considered fulfilled as soon as the specified amount has been written off in the shell of the selected Payment system (all financial transactions are reflected in the transaction history).
  7. The Crystal.Money service can cancel the created online application for the transfer of digital currency in cases where payment has not been received to the specified account within twenty minutes from the moment this electronic application was created.
  8. ServiceCrystal.Money makes reasonable efforts to guarantee access to services and the online site itself within the scope of this document. Moreover, the serviceCrystal.Money . has the right to suspend work with the online site during maintenance, and also makes efforts to notify the Client in advance about such a stage of work. Therefore, you agree that you are responsible for claims arising from the fact that it is not always possible to use the service or conduct urgent financial transactions.
  9. online transfer requests in which the Source currency in the form of a cryptocurrency is selected, the Crystal.Money service ensures that the exchange rate is fixed after the selected transaction is confirmed. Until a full confirmation is received, the online order is not recalculated in accordance with the exchange rate by more than 0.5%. After twenty minutes, the application is canceled by default.
  • In online transfer requests, in which the cryptocurrency is the received currency: with a periodic five-minute update, the exchange rate is compared. Our exchange service fixes the amounts in the electronic application with a difference of no more than 0.5%.
  • In online exchange requests, in which fiat currency is the received currency, the selected rate is recalculated by the system with a five-minute update before the actual crediting of the amounts by the financial partner.
  1. Electronic applications, in accordance with which the acceptance of cryptocurrencies is carried out , left in violation of the technical regulations , are processed according to the following algorithm:
  • The client paid for the online order with a delay of no more than twenty minutes, however, the amount was transferred less than specified or more, then the exchange rate for this online order is automatically recalculated in accordance with the exchange data at the time the payment is credited (deviation is allowed within the framework of the course parser , but no more than 60-120 seconds).
  1. If the amount was credited after the cancellation of the online application, then the established exchange rate is recalculated in accordance with the exchange regulations and the exchange rate at the time the payment was credited (delay no more than two minutes).
  2. Online -application is carried out through an electronic payment form on the Crystal.Money service , which opens after confirmation. Payment by bank details without confirmation is not possible. Otherwise , the online application will be cancelled.
  3. In the event that the Client"s card is blocked by the Security Service, then at the first attempt to transfer the accounts are blocked. In this case, the Crystal.Money service has the right not to return the funds to the Client, so you should be careful.
  4. If the online application is paid by the Client, but the latter changed his mind about carrying out the exchange at the execution stage, then the refund is made without three percent, taking into account the established commission within the financial system. If the electronic application has already been completed, then the claims are not accepted by the exchange service.
  5. serviceCrystal.Money . has the right to distribute the terms of partner programs in financial transactions with fiat currency.
  6. In accordance with the requirements of the Qiwi offer , an electronic payment made in this web service may be stopped as part of an additional check by the Security Service, which takes up to 48 hours. According to the decision of the Security Service, the amount is transferred or returned back to the Client"s account. In the case when the transfer has previously passed the Qiwi SB check and returned to the service, the online application is restored, and the exchange serviceCrystal.Money . has the right to recalculate this application at the current exchange rate.
  7. In accordance with the regulations, crediting to MIR, Visa , MasterCard cards is carried out in the range of several seconds to five days. In 99% of cases, enrollment occurs instantly. Payment by partial transactions is allowed.
  8. The Crystal.Money service has the right to require the submission of supporting documents and selfies with documents.

IV . Guarantees and liability of the parties

  1. The Crystal.Money Service is financially responsible in the amount of the specified exchange of digital money to the Client, which the latter transferred to fulfill the online application.
  2. ServiceCrystal.Money provides two-way asset (digital currency) transfer services.
  3. The Crystal.Money service is not responsible for financial costs and erroneous losses resulting from illegal actions of other parties that cannot be prevented in reality.
  4. The client is responsible for the accuracy of the data provided and their completeness. If incorrect information was entered during the execution of an online application, the Crystal.Money service is not responsible for possible losses caused by an error when filling out personal information.
  5. A confirmation letter is sent to the specified E - mail, which reflects the specified bank details, amounts and date, the correctness of which the Client must independently verify. At the stage of confirming the digital application, the online exchange resource executes the application at the exchange rate.
  6. It is allowed to update information information only upon re-confirmation via the E- mail specified when creating the Account.
  7. The Crystal.Money service is not responsible for deferred by the Client, unrealized online orders, duplication of which occurred in the exchange or banking system. The Client agrees that claims are sent for clarification to a financial institution or to the official website of the payment system. Our Crystal.Money service provides the necessary assistance to handle complaints or fulfill the requirements of a financial partner.
  8. If falsification of communication and information flows or a deliberate negative impact on the operation of the program shell of the exchange resource, directly or indirectly related to the Client"s online application, is detected, then its execution is stopped until the circumstances are clarified.
  9. The Crystal.Money Service is not responsible for the partial (selective) non-fulfilment of these Terms, if this was due to the influence of force majeure, which it was not possible to prevent.
  10. The Crystal.Money service does not provide its services for the accumulation of funds and other similar services of financial providers.
  11. The specialists of the exchange web service may request additional information from the Client (for example, take a photo of a selfie document ).
  12. If, after passing the card verification, the Client sends the amount from another account or uses the means of indirect transfer, then the Crystal.Money service . has the right:
  • cancel transactions unilaterally legally,
  • keep 20 percent (compensation for the labor costs of the exchange web service);
  • return the amounts to the source of their enrollment.
  1. The Crystal.Money service may refuse to execute a financial transaction if the transfer of currencies to open accounts was carried out without an online application, that is, using web user interfaces. The specified amounts can be returned to the Client minus commission costs.
  2. The main data about the Client and his Account are stored on a secure web server. They cannot be removed.
  3. Crystal.Money service to the Client"s requests is up to five days from the day the request was sent.
  4. The Crystal.Money service does not apply to tax agents, therefore it does not control tax payments. The client assumes responsibility to pay the main tax costs arising in the course of these operations.
  5. If the Crystal.Money service is required to pay tax costs from the Client"s accounts (repayment of debts arising from the refusal of payment ), then the Client makes all the required payments to the exchange resource.
  6. In any case, when a refund is made, a commission of 5% is withheld, except for paragraph 3 specified in the AML.

V. Unforeseen situations

If, during a force majeure event, the Crystal.Money service or the Client delays in fulfilling these Terms, then this delay is considered a violation of these Terms, therefore, neither party should claim losses incurred during the force majeure.

VI. User identification

  1. The client must go through a step-by-step identification procedure. This is an important condition for using the services of an online resource.
  2. During the identification procedure, the online resource has the right to request personal information:

2.1. Name of the Client.

2.2. Information about the place of birth.

2.3. citizenship data.

2.4. Current passport details.

2.5. Information about the place of actual residence (current registration).

2.6. Contact information (zip code, contact phone number, e - mail and other additional information).

2.7. Other personal information in a given format that the service deems necessary for study.

2.8. Scans of passport/ID-card or international passport.

2.9. Scans of the document owner (Client) holding an identity document.

2.10. Scans of utility bills specifying the address of a specific person, if the submitted document does not contain information about the actual place of registration (residence).

  1. The information provided by the User will be used to identify the Client"s identity, identify sources of financing for terrorism, hacker attacks and other financial and credit crimes through the functionality of this online resource and its application, including the mobile application.
  2. The client of the service gives permission to track the flow of information received about him during a specified period of activity, as well as for 5 years after closing the account in accordance with international data storage standards.
  3. The client agrees to the online resource to conduct an investigation directly or through third parties in order to verify the identity, as well as protect it from financial fraud. Third parties include KYC services and other systems, the choice of which is unlimited.
  4. Collect, store and study information about the client of the service may be in accordance with the basic rules specified in the Privacy Policy.
  5. If the service management is unable to contact the Client using the specified contact information provided to the system through the registration channels on the service resources when undergoing mandatory identification, then it is the User who is responsible for the monetary expenses incurred during the period of suspension of currency transactions and blocking of this account. By accepting this condition, the Client agrees that he is fully legally responsible for the accuracy and correctness of personal data.
  6. After completion of the identification stage, the Client can monitor the relevance of this procedure. If the personal information changes dramatically with the Client, then he must update it using the means of communication of the online resource or through his own account. If the service management has reasons to believe that the data provided by the User is irrelevant, inaccurate or incomplete, then the service may apply clause 3.3.9 of the Agreement to the Client.
  7. During the identification process, the Client gives consent to the online system to conduct various studies in relation to this Party. The service comes to such studies at its own discretion.

VII. Final provisions

  1. The provisions of this document are agreed with the Client electronically when registering an Account. All these provisions are valid and confirmed by personal written consent.
  2. The Crystal.Money Service unilaterally legally changes and updates specific clauses in the Agreement by publishing these changes on the exchange web service. Partial or complete changes take effect from the moment they are published on the service, unless other terms are set separately. The client, at his own request, may terminate the contractual relationship with the Crystal.Money service. due to personal disagreement with the updates. The client must notify the Crystal.Money service . on disagreement with the changes made to the Terms in order to terminate the contractual relationship, which is confirmed by a corresponding letter addressed to the registered e- mail .
  3. The management of the Crystal.Money service has the full right to refuse to provide the Client with services if it was noticed that the rules of the exchange web service were partially or completely violated.
  4. Information data posted on the exchange web service (graphics, textual information, program codes) is the property of the Crystal.Money service , which is protected by copyright.
  5. The Crystal.Money service is competent to send to the registered e - mail to the Client information about the status of the electronic application and other notifications, which may include advertising messages. The Client can unsubscribe from advertising notifications independently.
  6. The client voluntarily confirms that he has read the above provisions and unconditionally accepts them.